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    Concentric counterparts, dream weavers sailing | stars group operation target responsibility of 2021 signing ceremony was held successfully
    Release time:2021-02-06

    Although the environment in 2020 has brought many uncertain factors to the business development, all the branches of Star Group have made operational adjustments according to the market conditions and made contributions to enhance the competitiveness of the Group.

    So in the coming year, as the operating results of an acceptance under the outbreak, analysis of existing management problems, at the same time to carry out the job responsibility, clear 2021 annual business objectives, group is organizing a "dream sailing | concentric counterparts, 2021 management goal responsibility of signing ceremony".

    On January 14th afternoon, stars group chairman, suzhou branch general manager, general manager of guangdong branch, chengdu branch, tianjin branch general manager, hubei branch general manager, general manager, suzhou, total branch general manager and each department manager/supervisor through the video conference, common purpose is involved in the signing ceremony, do target layer upon layer to carry out the responsibility, to ensure the full implementation of the 2021 annual business objectives.