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    Coagulation heart development, set sail for new high | stars group 2020 annual sales summary commendation congress well packaged
    Release time:2021-02-06

    There will be a time when the wind will break the waves,

    With the efforts of all the business colleagues of Xingchen,

    The overall sales performance of 2020 bucked the trend,

    Compared to a 20 percent increase the previous year,

    Achieve gratifying results.

    To review the business performance in 2020,

    Clarify the key directions of business development in 2021.

    In the middle of January,

    "Condensing Heart to Develop, Sailing for a New High"

    Star Group 2020 Annual Sales Summary and Commendation Conference,

    At the Star Group,

    Aimed at the performance growth of the stars to establish a contribution

    Outstanding individuals and teams are recognized.